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Cronografo X3500 Xcortech

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3 disponibili

X3500 is a professionally made chronograph designed by Xcortech for airguns and airsoft replicas. Manufactured with a strong polymer and high-quality components, X3500 smoothly and accurately measures velocity, kinetic energy, and rate of fire. The measurement range of a single shot is between 30 to 400 m/s (90 to 1200 FPS), whereas a burst is between 100 to 5000 rounds per minute. Furthermore, X3500 enables energy measurement in the range of 0.1~999 J, or J/cm2. Users can select a caliber from 4.5 to 18 mm and weight in the 0.1 to 9.99 g range.
This modern chronograph displays a menu on its LCD screen, which enables convenient and easy operation. The device stores 25 shooting records and provides precise measurements thanks to the sensor unit. The item uses 3x AA (for the chrony) and 2 x AAA (for the display) batteries and comprises a high-quality display (with adjustable backlight brightness) and a thread allowing tripod mounting. In addition, X3500 incorporates a micro-USB socket, which makes it possible to power the device in the field using a power bank.
The X3500 wirelessly connects to the screen, has an external power output, and the screen can be mounted on a standard Picatinny interface system.

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