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RRA electric rifle & SI SA-E17 EDGE™ Carbine Replica PDW (NERO)

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EDGE ™ è una serie di repliche Specna Arms che combina una gamma di soluzioni e tecnologie innovative difficili da trovare in altre repliche attualmente sul mercato. The series focuses on excellent external construction, solutions that increase versatility, the longevity of the replication, facilitating fault diagnostics and susceptibility to power tuning. Right out of the box you will get a replica where you won't have to make any kind of modifications, unless you want to, which will be extraordinarily simple.

The replica has full and authorized firearms manufacturer markings – Rock River Arms. It is an American manufacturer of gun parts and accessories, but above all high quality AR-15 rifles. The company, founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers, with Les Baer, is based in Cologne, Illinois. Today, the RRA supplies its rifles on contract, among others, to the DEA, to the FBI and the US Marshals Drug Enforcement Agency.

Each element of the replica was carefully crafted and assembled with great attention to every detail, in addition to the body finish, Nano Coating was used to prevent wear. The body features deeply engraved Rock River Arms markings and an individual serial number with an additional hologram. Some of the more noteworthy details include the QD pistol grip, which provides quick and easy access to the engine without the need for tools, and a double-sided tactical mounting eyelet.

The SA-E17 carbine replica is equipped with an M-LOK front mounting system, licensed and manufactured by Strike Industries. A comfortable angled tactical grip is mounted under the rail, which facilitates the operation of replication. The barrel is finished with a standard muzzle device. Folding mechanical sights were placed on the upper RIS rail.

The carabiner has a factory-installed X-ASR MOSFET system from the Polish brand: GATE. This is an unprecedented collaboration between the Polish manufacturer and a well-known replica factory airsoft. The highest quality X-ASR MOSFET will take care of the safety of the replica components, it will improve trigger response and longevity of the internal electronics and battery and will also allow you to diagnose basic troubleshooting and errors within the replica thanks to the built-in signaling diodes.

The replica has an internal precision barrel 6,03 mm in diameter, which will guarantee perfect accuracy and precision of the shots. A new type of rotating Hop-Up chamber is compatible with the precision barrel, which allows for more precise and stable adjustment of the precision and accuracy of the bottom bracket.

One of the features of the replica is a quick spring change system, ESA ™. The system allows quick and efficient adjustment of the replica's power to the needs of the playing field, without the need to use tools: simply unscrew the stock guide to reveal access to the spring, without having to remove or dismantle the gearbox .

I vantaggi del sistema ESA™ non possono essere sopravvalutati. In light of the provisions existing within the environments airsoft, this system guarantees the user a considerable amount of possibilities and a lot of freedom. Il sistema ESA ™ consente di cambiare rapidamente, with little or no effort, the mainspring and then adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica according to the needs of the game organizer. This guarantees an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of your shots and your safety and that of other players. The entire set also includes a second M90 mainspring, perfect for indoor games.

The heart of the replica is the ORION gearbox based on a reinforced frame and equipped with the mainspring release function. The replica right out of the box has a number of very high quality parts, thanks to which it maintains an excellent work culture and is prepared for further development. ORION Gearbox is made to work with M140 springs. Inside the replica there are elements such as:

– reinforced polymer piston.

– aluminum pellet pusher

– aluminum cylinder head

– aluminum, double seal piston head with bearings

– a spring guide with bearings

– a series of steel gears

– Ball bearings from 8 mm

The package with the replica includes two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 125 dots each. The S-MAG is a unique polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. The distinctive texture of the Specna Arms logo on the magazines is something worth noting. S-mag guarantees trouble-free feeding of BBs, even at high ROF.

The PDW version features an all-metal telescopic stock, except for a non-slip polymer stock. The battery is housed inside the dummy buffer tube. The dummy buffer tube can accommodate a LiPo battery with maximum dimensions of 12x17x75mm.

The set does not include a battery or charger.

The set includes:

– replica

– 1 S-MAG hi-cap magazine

– additional main spring M90

– User manual

– certificate

– GATE X-ASR diagnostic card

– grip verticale

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